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Can You Courier Alcohol In Australia?

Significant improvements to technology and consumer behaviour regarding quick and convenient delivery services has seen an increase in online alcohol sales. If you’re wondering can you courier alcohol? The simple answer is yes. It just depends on the courier company, given transporting alcohol is a large responsibility where things can go wrong should a minor or intoxicated individual have access. 

If you’re wanting to courier alcohol, then this article will help give you tips and tricks for correctly packing your alcohol for the delivery process. You’ll also gain insight into the types of goods that can’t be couriered and the reasoning behind it. 

Can You Courier Alcohol In Australia?

So you’ve asked can you send alcohol through courier in Australia? Yes, as stated earlier, it’s all about the courier company you go with, so it’s always best to get into contact and ask questions. That way you can be sure as to what you can and cannot have couriered. 

Same Day Express is a platform that connects you to couriers all over Australia, offering services such as same-day, 3-hour and VIP delivery. Click here and get in touch with their team to ask questions regarding the type of alcohol you want to be transported.

Limitations On Courier Alcohol Delivery

With great power comes great responsibility, and nothing could be more true when delivering alcohol. Because of the heightened risk of intoxicated people and minors accessing alcohol from delivery services, some couriers do not offer alcohol delivery. Those that do must heed the requirements of new laws that have come about in response to the growing nature of delivery. As stated by the law it is an offence for someone to deliver packaged alcohol to a minor, as it is to deliver packaged alcohol to an individual who is intoxicated at the time of purchase.

Same day delivery laws apply to deliveries of packaged alcohol to customers located in NSW on the same day as they are purchased in retail. It doesn’t matter if the sale occurs in NSW or interstate. 

There is more information surrounding the new laws surrounding the transportation of alcohol delivery here. 

Alcohol Delivery In Australia – What Do You Need To Do It?

Improvements in technology and increasing consumer demand for fast and convenient online delivery services have seen the continued growth of online alcohol sales and same day delivery around Australia. However this means that couriers must adhere to laws and regulations around the responsible service of alcohol.

This means the courier must see a proof of age document proving the recipient is over 18 years old, and that the courier cannot deliver alcohol to an intoxicated person. If either of these laws are broken, it can result in a fine up to $11,000 and/or up to 12 months in prison.

To find out how can you courier alcohol, along with adhering to these laws, you must also comply with your state’s laws around alcohol delivery. This includes delivery time restrictions, and recording and reporting on alcohol deliveries to the appropriate government body.

What Can’t Be Couriered?

To further answer the question of “can you send alcohol through courier?”, most couriers are reasonably flexible when it comes to delivering items. However there are certain goods that can’t be transported for health and safety reasons. Here are the main goods that cannot be shipped by couriers:

  • Chemicals and corrosives are an obvious no for transportation. There are strict regulations governing the transportation of goods that cause harm when placed in the wrong hands. 
  • Human and animal remains cannot be shipped through a courier or postal service as only a qualified individual, such as a coroner or family member is equipped to do so. This is due to the remains not having the ability to be insured, with the addition of such remains being an incredible responsibility for the individual handling its transportation. 
  • Weapons cannot be couriered, as well as explosives and ammunition because of their dangerous status. There’s a lot that can go wrong if a courier was to deliver these types of goods, not to mention laws that prevent their shipment. 
  • Types of medical supplies also cannot be shipped, with the addition of illegal substances. But you already knew that. 

If you’re looking to use Same Day Express Services here is a few of goods they don’t transport. 

  • People or animals.
  • Unauthorised items, including stolen goods.
  • Fragile or perishable goods.
  • Valuable goods such as precious metals, jewellery, furs, china, art, antiques, prescription drugs etc.
  • Dangerous or illegal goods. 

Click here to get the full list.

Tips For Packing Alcohol For Courier Delivery

When packing your alcohol for courier delivery, there are a few tips to ensure your delivery is successful and there are no issues along the way. 

Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for your courier alcohol delivery. 

  1. The first step is to ensure that your alcohol has a double seal to help secure the lid. A double seal is an additional layer of plastic that can be found around the lid or a peel-off lid. Should your alcohol not possess a double seal, the best way to secure it is by wrapping the area of the lip with tape, preventing the lid from popping off. 
  1. What you should do next is place your alcohol in a waterproof bag and seal it. Depending on the size, or amount of alcohol you’re transporting, you might need a large bag to ensure your alcohol is secure without sticking out. If you really want to be safe, an additional waterproof bag is always encouraged and using a rubber band (or other material) to tie the top. 
  1. With your alcohol sealed in a waterproof bag, you can now put your alcohol in a cardboard box. Add in bits of foam, bubble wrap or other materials to protect your goods against hard surfaces. There shouldn’t be leftover space for your alcohol to move. 
  1. It’s time to prepare your box. Tape up the package with robust tape designed for packing. If you feel like one layer isn’t enough, add a few more so your box is correctly secured for the delivery journey. 
  1. The final action to prepare your alcohol for your courier is marking your box properly. Using stickers or a marker, write “Fragile” and “Liquid” on each side of the box. Doing this signifies to the individuals handling your package to be careful throughout the journey.

 Can You Courier Alcohol With Same Day Express?

The simple answer of whether or not you can courier alcohol is yes–depending on which courier company. So long as you and the courier meet all the legal requirements, then it’s good to go!

Today everything is about speed and convenience. Sometimes going to the bottle shop isn’t an option because of limited time or you couldn’t be bothered (we’ve all been there). Not to mention how the previous lockdowns made it difficult to go anywhere, let alone just getting a bottle of wine to have at the end of the day. Luckily, Same Day Express is all about meeting customers demands and adapting to the changes in consumer behaviour. 

Same Day Express offers you the chance to have wine couriered to your doorstep, click here to find out more about this amazing service. 

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