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Courier Prices In Australia

If you’re wondering about courier prices in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes courier fees can be a bit confusing, with extra charges for additional services, and prices varying depending on where you’re located in Australia. 

In this article, we’ll break down the variables that might affect the end amount. Things like size, weight, speed of delivery, and distance travelled can all affect what you end up paying four a courier in Australia. 

As the name would suggest, at Same Day Express, our couriers are experts when it comes to fast, hassle-free deliveries nationwide. We pride ourselves on providing a speedy service that allows you to keep track of your deliveries. Keep reading below for more information about courier prices so that next time you need a courier, you can book with confidence. 

How Much Does a Courier Cost on Average?

There are a myriad of factors that might affect courier prices, some of the most common factors include size, weight, speed of delivery and distance covered. On average, couriers in Australia cost anything from $60 to over $300 for a single delivery.

At Same Day Express, we will charge you a flat fee based on the distance from the pick-up to the drop-off location. There may be additional fees for returned items, oversized items, or a high volume of items.

What Factors Affect Courier Prices in Australia?

1.      Shipping Distance

 When it comes to booking a courier, you can expect to pay more for larger distances. There is less effort involved in transporting an item within the same city or region as opposed to across the country. Cross-country transportation uses more fuel, human resources and will possibly need to be moved via air. 

2.      Current Location 

If you’re wondering, “how much does a courier cost?” then you need to consider where you live, as this will have a direct bearing on how much a courier will cost for you, personally. If you’re in a big city, there is usually more competition with courier companies, and prices tend to be lower. If you live in a remote or hard-to-access location, prices will be higher as there’s less competition, and it will take longer for a carrier to reach you. 

3.      Type of Package 

Valuable items, unusually shaped items, and items that require insurance will be more challenging to transport, and prices can be higher for these items, even if they’re relatively light. This is because they need keener attention and more consideration during the transportation process. 

4.      Weight of Item 

The weight of your item will factor into courier prices Australia-wide, as a heavy object is harder to transport. The weight of your parcel will affect how many pick-ups and deliveries the courier can make that day. If an item is particularly cumbersome, a second (or even third) pair of hands might need to be booked. 

5.      Package Measurements 

The dimensions of your item will affect how much space will be left for other items when transporting it via van or aeroplane. Large packages may cost more to transport even if they are lightweight because they take up more room.

6.      Time of Year 

At certain times of the year, there can be significant fluctuations in demand for courier services. At times of peak demand, you can expect to pay a premium as this is when couriers are busiest, and they may struggle to fit you in.

7.      Level of Service

Usually, with courier fees, you get what you pay for. Additional services will cost more to ensure the safety of your item and the timelines of delivery. Extra services might include tracking, insurance, and signing on delivery.

8.      Urgency 

Couriers usually operate during standard business hours and will have a set timeframe for delivery. If you need an item delivered urgently or outside regular business hours, this is usually possible, but you will have to pay for the expedited time frame as it disrupts other deliveries and requires special attention. 

The Different Types Of Courier Quotes In Australia


Standard courier shipping is allocated according to a set of guidelines. Commonly this is 2-3 days in metro areas. If you’re not in a rush, this is often the most cost-effective option.  


Overnight shipping is charged at a higher rate than standard shipping and is often a flat rate, even if your item is light because it’s priced according to time, rather than size.

Same Day 

If you need to send or receive an item urgently, same-day delivery is ideal as you can select a convenient window for delivery to be made. In most cases, same-day delivery must be booked before 12 pm, and it must be local.

 Domestic and Interstate 

Businesses needing to ship pallets or larger items domestically or interstate will usually use couriers as it allows them to send high volumes and keep account of inventory in and out. 


International deliveries are best handled by specialist international courier companies (like Same Day Express), as they will offer the best rates and deliver the most seamless service. International couriers typically provide air and sea freight which are both priced differently as air travel is quicker.  

Additional Services that Can Impact Courier Prices Australia-Wide

Extra Insurance

Courier quotes Australia-wide won’t necessarily include insurance as standard, so make sure you check the fine print. For fragile, precious, or valuable items, you should consider extra insurance as these items may require extra attention during transportation. 


Having excess luggage couriered can often save time and money if you’re on a trip and your baggage exceeds the airline specified limit. Buying extra luggage or upgrading your ticket is usually more expensive than having an additional suitcase couriered home. 

Large Items 

Large, heavy, or bulky items can be sent by companies that specialise in moving these items. A heavy item is usually classified as anything over 30kg, and a large bulky item is usually anytime over 1.8 metres.

Pet Couriers

Pet courier services are highly specialised and can be used to transport your furry friends interstate or internationally. They can also pickups from regional breeders and rescue homes if you’re not able to attend personally.

Pallet Shipments

Pallet shipping is a specialised service that allows business owners to keep track of inventory more effectively. This is because sending one palette of 100 items is easier to keep track of than 100 individual items.

Book An Affordable Courier Today with Same Day Express

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