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How To Safely Send Your Watch Through Couriers

So you want to know how to send watch through courier as either a gift, sale or relocation but are unsure of the steps needed to get your watch to its destination safely. It’s a really simple process that this article will explore so that you know exactly what to do and what to look out for. 

You’ll be guided through the correct ways to package your watch, from using bubble wrap and tape to packaging with the original box, documents and accessories. Also finding a reputable courier company that meets all your delivery requirements. 

How To Send Watch Through Courier: Step By Step

Here we are going to go through how to send your watch through courier step by step. These will include tips and tricks and essential parts of the packaging process that’ll get your watch from A to B safely. 

1. Choose A Reputable Courier Company 

To know how to send watch through courier you must first choose a reputable courier company. This can be a tricky process considering the abundance of courier companies but to narrow it down you should look for the services they offer. Do they offer express, same-day or even 3-hour delivery to accommodate your requirements? Doing your research also means you’ll gain an insight on the prices being offered, that way you can  decide which is the most cost-effective option.

You should also look at the reviews made by customers to see the performance of the company you’ve selected. Were there any delays, misplaced or lost parcels and did the customer experience poor service? Did they have access to live tracking to keep tabs on their delivery? These are all parts of the delivery process you should watch out for to avoid those experiences yourself. You want a courier company with a robust reputation for meeting consumer standards and going the extra mile to achieve satisfaction. 

2. Use Bubble Wrap & Tape

If you’re asking yourself, ‘can I send watch by courier?’. The answer is yes! However, watches are a fragile item to ship and need to be packaged with the utmost care. Using bubble wrap and tape can help avoid any potential damages to the watch throughout the delivery process. Say if your driver encounters a gravelly road, or turns a corner too harshly, your package might accidentally move around. Having that additional cushioning will really benefit your watch and ensure that it makes its way to the destination all in one time piece. 

3. Pack Watch In Original Box (if possible)

If it’s possible, packing your watch in its original box is the following step to sending through a courier. This is to allow greater protection for the watch during its journey, especially if it’s a particularly expensive or delicate watch. However, if you don’t have the original packaging, using another cardboard box can do the trick! Use a box that is slightly bigger than the item with additional space to add cushioning to protect it. 

4. Include Documentation & Accessories

When sending watch by courier it’s important to include documentation and accessories. This is so you can prove the value of the watch. These days there are a lot of people attempting to sell fake brands. By providing the correct documents and any accessories of the watch, you can give peace of mind to the individual you’re shipping to that the watch they’re receiving is legit. 

Also, by providing the original accessories, the person you’re sending the watch isn’t missing out on any important features like additional bands, links or pins. Having extra links and pins are crucial to the adjustment of the watch so the individual you’re sending it to can wear it to their desired fit. 

5. Pack In Another Box 

Now the following step might seem a bit repetitive, but packing your watch in an additional box is the way to go. You can never be too careful, especially if the watch you’re wanting to transport is highly valuable. If the watch is in its original packaging then using an additional box for packaging can avoid potential theft. This is because if the watch is a luxury brand, then even a glimpse of the logo can increase the possibility of someone stealing your watch. Knowing how to send watch through courier means you have to take all the necessary precautions. 

6. Clearly Label Package

When sending watch by package it’s important to clearly label the package to prevent any confusion for your driver. Some courier companies will ask you to print and attach a barcoded label, whilst others will want you to address the parcel for them to attach a barcode. In both cases, you’ll want to place two copies of the label that’s got the barcode or delivery address on your package. This will make it easier for your courier to confirm their delivery destination and should the package end up at the wrong address, the labels will show where they actually need to be so they can be returned safely.

If your watch is expensive or particularly fragile, it’s best to label the box as fragile so that your driver can handle it with extra care. Should you label it incorrectly, it could lead to your watch being damaged during the delivery journey. Clearly labelling your package is important but easy to do as you can purchase tape from either Bunnings, or online. 

7. Insurance

‘Can I send my watch by courier’ isn’t the only question customers are constantly asking. ‘Is insurance worth it?’ is another inquiry that is pretty common. 

Whilst this next step isn’t necessary, it is great for giving you that peace of mind. Insurance covers lost or damaged deliveries. For carrier insurance, this is provided by your shipping company and can be included as part of their quote or is a paid option. Then there is third party insurance that is provided by an external insurance company. This is mostly used for delivering valuable goods or international shipping.

A majority of courier companies offer reasonably affordable shipping insurance that can be made a part of the delivery quote or a paid extra. If the watch you’re transporting is highly valuable, then having shipping insurance is a justifiable move to ensure that you’ll be covered if any issues arise. It’s definitely worth getting!

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