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Some quick facts about Zoom2u:
  • 1. Australian Owned.
  • 2. We have processed over 2M deliveries via our platform.
  • 3. Highest ranked courier platform in 2019, 2020, 2021 on product review.

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Meanwhile, please use our livechat function for any assistance you may need. Please note that our online booking system is working normally.

Get your parcel delivered urgently today!

We connect you to couriers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wollongong, Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast and Perth that are ready and waiting for your booking.

Delivery Services

Emergency Deliveries

Need to get a parcel delivered ASAP, place a booking online and we’ll be there in no time.

Next Flight Deliveries

We can place your parcel out on the next flight and deliver it interstate.

Interstate Deliveries

Interstate deliveries are same day! Have your parcel moved from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

Same Day Deliveries

Same Day service is simple and easy. Just place a booking online and a courier will be there.

Business Solutions

Get a customise quote for sending parcels frequently. We have the best solution for your small, medium and big size business!

Weekend Deliveries

Couriers are ready and waiting to deliver your parcel over the weekend.

After Hours Delivery

Have your parcel delivered at any time, just click on the “book now” button to place your booking.

Online Booking System

Our online booking system allows you to place a booking 24/7. Getting access is simple.

Register Online

Using the Zoom2u booking system, you can get an instant quote and place a booking online.

Request for Delivery

Our booking system will automatically allocate your booking to the closest courier, you will receive a confirmation email of who the courier is and their phone number.

Live Updates

During the process of the delivery you are able to log in to your account and see the real time location of the courier.

Getting Notifications

Our goal is to keep you updated through the entire process, if the ETA is going to change we'll send you an email with the update.

Pay by Credit Card

On completion of the booking we will capture a signature and charge your credit card for the delivery. You can get started in seconds.


You can now order a metro courier instantly with Same Day Express. You've heard of Uber, now there's a delivery service which allows you to book the closest courier and send your package instantly with Same Day Express. Track your progress with regular updates and get the best price and fastest delivery for our metro and surrounding suburbs courier service.

Do you have important documents which need to be delivered by close of business? Forgotten something? Sending a birthday present? Whether it's personal or business, you can now order and track a live courier for a flat rate in your metro and surrounding suburbs.

Our express courier service runs on a familiar booking platform that you've probably already used to order food or ride. All you need to do is create an account linked to your credit card and book a courier in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide. This can be done via our app or our website. You will receive regular live updates on where your package is and the cost of your parcel delivery is debited from your credit card once the package has been successfully signed for. Easy, Intuitive. Simple.

Same Day Express connects you to live working couriers 7 days a week. This means that our service operates on demand connecting you to the closest 3hrs express couriers in your area when you need them, and that includes weekends. You are connected online to an urgent courier near you who can pick up your parcel and deliver it to metro areas and surrounding suburbs as fast as possible. Track the progress of your parcel through our app with regular live updates.

Shipping your freight same day and sending local domestic parcels has never been easier. You send your parcels on your terms. You don’t have to be a business to have access to live tracking or fast pick-up services. Send anything anywhere within the Australian metro suburbs and surrounding areas with our express courier service.

Our booking system works in much the same way that Uber does. We are constantly connected to a web of couriers operating throughout Australian metropolitan and surrounding suburbs. When you open our app or log on to your account on our website, you choose a pick-up and delivery address for your parcel. You’ll receive a quote for the delivery cost then we instantly connect you to a driver nearby who is allocated to your pick-up address.

Like other tracking apps, you’ll be able to see how far away your courier is from your pick-up address so you can get your parcel ready. Once your parcel has been successfully picked up, you’ll have access to live updates as you track its way toward your intended destination. Notifications about your delivery, including any delays which might occur, are emailed directly to your email. When you parcel has been delivered, and a signature obtained, your credit card is charged the quotes couriering cost. You can help us to improve our service and connect our customers to the best couriers by rating your service, too.

When you book your courier job you are connected via our live tracker directly to your allocated courier’s progress. You can track their movements as they make your delivery and receive instant notifications via email of any unexpected delays. You’ll know the instant your delivery has been successfully made just like you would know when your food has arrived. Our intuitive booking system works the same way that you’re probably already used to ordering local food and local rides.

Just like other services out there which work off a similar platform, we make sure that you are in constant contact with your courier. You will be able to contact them in the same way that you can contact your food delivery driver. This is probably only helpful if you have a difficult to find pick-up address or drop off address. We have found that the live tracker usually gives you peace of mind and there’s not often a reason for contacting your courier.

Same Day Express couriers charges you a flat rate based on the distance between the pick-up and delivery address of your parcel. For this quoted price, you can send anything up to 30 kg in your local metropolitan suburbs and surrounding areas as long as it doesn’t contain illegal or dangerous substances. You can also book our couriers 7 days a week.

When you confirm the collection of your parcel, you are agreeing to the quote provided. Once your parcel is signed for at its delivery destination, you’ll receive a receipt for the full courier cost which is automatically debited from your credit card. We will wait for up to 10 minutes at both the collection address and the delivery address if we can’t find you or the intended recipient. We will also try to SMS and call you on the contact details which you provide in the booking, but if the driver can’t find you at the collection address within 10 minutes then we will charge you the quoted price and leave. If we can’t locate your recipient then the driver will return to the collection address and you will be charged for the return trip.

However, unlike other delivery companies, Same Day Express connects you directly to the individual courier in charge of delivering your parcel. Your package doesn’t change hands, it isn’t sent to a sorting warehouse where it can be potentially misfiled or dispatched to the wrong depot. Our courier service is a clean, simple and intuitive delivery service which keeps you informed every step of your parcel’s journey from pick-up to sign off.

Australia Wide express delivery platform, perfect for business or personal use.