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Parcel Delivery

A parcel delivery service that not only operates 7 days a week but also gives you complete control of your on demand courier with real time live tracking from the time of booking.

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Parcel Delivery

The courier industry has typically been terrible. Think about every courier experience you have had. You never know who is delivering your goods, or when they will be delivered. Same Day Express changes this.

When you place your booking with Same Day Express it uses the technology from Zoom2u. The booking will automatically be dispatched to the closest courier. Once your booking is linked to a courier (usually less than 5mins) you will receive a notification. You’ll receive details on who the courier is, their contact number (allowing you to call or SMS) and the ability to track their location. You will no longer need to wonder where your courier is and how long until they arrive.

Using Same Day Express will change your experience of working with a courier. We want you to have an experience that leaves you wondering why all courier companies don’t operate like this. You can book online or call us on 1300 326 150

Fast Courier Service

We often get calls which go like this 'Can we book today and get it delivered today?' YES :)


We treat your goods like they are our own. So you can be assured they will arrive in the same way we received them. All goods are automatically insured up to the value of $300

Parcel Delivery

We operate across all the major capital cities in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide

Parcel Delivery

We are Same Day Express and we offer our customers a parcel delivery service that not only operates 7 days a week but also gives you complete control of your on demand courier with real time live tracking from the time of booking. Our competitive price is calculated not on standard same day or overnight charges, but on the distance that your 3hr courier travels.

Firstly, we operate 7 days a week which means that you can book an express driver any day of the week and get a same day delivery made even on a Sunday. We operate across all the major capital cities in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide. Our couriers can even make a same day parcel delivery in the surrounding suburbs around your major capital city travelling as far as Hornsby in Sydney’s north, Queanbeyan south of Canberra city and Melbourne’s South Eastern industrial areas. 


Our shipping rates are based not on standard metro delivery prices but instead calculated by the distance that our express couriers move your package. You don’t have to have access to a business freight account to get great rates on a same day delivery service anymore. With Same Day Express, we make it fast and simple for our customers to get connected to local parcel delivery couriers operating within their area.

Finally, thanks to Zoom2U’s real time tracking technology, we also offer our customers the ability to track their courier booking.

Just like a delivery service connected to an app on your phone, Same Day Express is fast, simple and available when you need us. If you have ever used Deliveroo or an Uber service then you are already familiar with the platform and how we operate. Like Uber, when you book a pickup with Same Day Express, we cast our net in your surrounding area to find the closest courier to your collection address and we offer you a quote based on the distance between your pickup location and the destination address.


When we have found you the closest driver in your area, we allocate their car to your job and you are notified of the name of your courier and roughly how far away they are. Once you confirm your booking, your driver is on their way to your collection point and you can track their progress as they approach.


Should you need to cancel your booking then it is now when you should it. You can cancel any time before the courier arrives at your collection address without incurring any charges. If you cancel your booking after the courier arrives at the pickup point then you will be charged the original quoted price for the delivery. This is a highly unlikely scenario, though, as you will be able to see how far away your driver is from your pick address the moment you confirm your booking with us.


If, for whatever reason, your driver is not able to find you or whoever is at your pickup location then they will try to contact you via phone or SMS for up to 10 minutes before cancelling the job and moving to their next allocation. It is super important to ensure that the contact details you give us when you set up an account are as accurate as possible. The same goes for destination addresses. When the courier arrives at the destination address, they will need to have your parcel delivery signed for by the intended recipient that you nominate in the booking. If they are not able to find the address or the recipient, then they will try to contact you again by phone or SMS for up to 10 minutes at the drop off location. If they are still not able to sign their parcel over, then they will return to the point of origin and return your parcel delivery. You will then be charged for both trips.


Given that your booking includes a live tracking capability that you are used to seeing on apps like Uber, this is also highly unlikely. You are even able to contact your driver directly if you need to. We usually find that this isn’t often necessary, however, inner city addresses can be confusing so if you having important documents like business contracts moving between skyrises in Sydney or Melbourne, then it’s always handy to be able to contact your courier directly and let them know exactly where you are or where they should be to make a pickup or a drop off.


Just like Uber, your delivery costs are charged to your credit card that you nominated when you set up your account immediately after the package has been successfully delivered. We email you a receipt of the job and everything’s nice and neatly squared away, ready for the next job. Any delays like bad traffic are emailed to you instantly so you always stay in control of your parcel delivery.


If you want great rates and full traceability on your next package, then book with Same Day Express and choose the simple alternative to big freight companies.

Australia Wide express delivery platform, perfect for business or personal use.