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Some quick facts about Zoom2u:
  • 1. Australian Owned.
  • 2. We have processed over 2M deliveries via our platform.
  • 3. Highest ranked courier platform in 2019, 2020, 2021 on product review.

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What is Same Day Express?

Same Day Express is a fast on demand courier service designed for business or personal use. It allows you to move your parcel from one location to the next and track where your parcel is in real time.We give you the ability to see the availability of our couriers and which courier is allocated to your booking. Zoom2u changes the way you send goods and how you shop online, with e-commerce integration you are able to shop online and receive your goods within hours.


How much does it cost?

Same Day Express charges you a flat fee based on the distance from the pickup address to the drop off location. Using our quote form on our homepage you can get an instant quote.


What goods can be sent?

With Same Day Express we can pretty much deliver anything you want which is less than 30kg. There a few thing we can’t deliver, here is the list below:

(a) people or animals of any size; – Yeh seriously 🙂
(b) items which you have no authorisation to possess or handle (including, stolen goods);
(c) items which are fragile or perishable;
(d) valuable items (including, precious stones, metals, watches, jewellery, furs, china, art, antiques, prescription drugs, money, vouchers, travellers cheques, bearer bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, bank, credit, pre-pay or other store cards with a cash equivalent value, spirits, tobacco and cigarettes;
(e) dangerous or illegal items;
(f) items which have potential to harm (such as illicit drugs, weapons or firearms);
(g) items which are flammable, corrosive, explosive; or
(h) items which are otherwise unlawful


How long will it take for my parcel to be delivered?

When you enter in your booking details we will send you back a confirmation on who the courier is along with their contact details and ETA to arrival. The great thing with Same Day Express is that you have the ability to track the location of the courier in real time.


Are my goods safe?

Yes. Our couriers care about your goods. Each time we pickup your goods we will take a photo on pickup and then again on delivery. All our couriers have completed a Same Day Express courier training program along with passing a background check. In the unlikely event there is damage to your goods we will pay up to $300 to cover any damages.

Each time a delivery is completed we will ask you for a rating of the courier, we actively make sure all our couriers receive a 5 star rating.

What happens if my goods are damaged or lost?

It’s very unlikely that your goods will be lost or even damaged. The reason for this is because we don’t use a warehouse to transfer goods from one driver to the next. When your courier picks up your goods they will take the item to the delivery location.

In the unlikely event your goods are lost or damaged we will pay up to $300 except for items in the restricted items as per our customer terms and conditions.


What happens if I cancel or no one is present?

If you cancel your delivery prior to the courier being on route to your location there isn’t any charge.

If the courier arrives and no one is at the pickup location you will be charged the full pickup fee. We will however try to contact you by phone and sms and wait up to 10 minutes.

If no one is at the drop off location we will wait 10 minutes before we return your item to the pickup locations. You will be charged the full fee plus the return fee. Our couriers will try to call and sms prior to returning any goods.

Can I call the courier?

Of course, on every booking you will know who the courier is and the ability to contact them if you need to. We find though that because you can see the location of the courier it reduces the need to speak to them as you know how far away your parcel is.


Where can I get more information?

If you need any more information on Same Day Express feel free to email us at [email protected] we will be more than happy to help.

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