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On Demand Courier

Book an on demand courier any day of the week with Same Day Express and get your next parcel or document package delivered within 3hrs in your local capital city.

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On Demand Courier

The courier industry has typically been terrible. Think about every courier experience you have had. You never know who is delivering your goods, or when they will be delivered. Same Day Express changes this.

When you place your booking with Same Day Express it uses the technology from Zoom2u. The booking will automatically be dispatched to the closest courier. Once your booking is linked to a courier (usually less than 5mins) you will receive a notification. You’ll receive details on who the courier is, their contact number (allowing you to call or SMS) and the ability to track their location. You will no longer need to wonder where your courier is and how long until they arrive.

Using Same Day Express will change your experience of working with a courier. We want you to have an experience that leaves you wondering why all courier companies don’t operate like this. You can book online or call us on 1300 326 150

Fast Courier Service

We often get calls which go like this 'Can we book today and get it delivered today?' YES :)


Are you used to courier companies who don't care about your goods? We care! We care so much that we self insure your goods up to the value of $300. We know we care, so we put our $$ on the line!

On Demand Courier

Book an on demand courier any day of the week with Same Day Express and get your next parcel or document package delivered within 3hrs in your local capital city.

On Demand Courier

Book an on demand courier any day of the week with Same Day Express and get your next parcel or document package delivered within 3hrs in your local capital city. Yes, we operate every day which includes the weekends. Have your next contract or tender delivered by the closing date, get your passport delivered to the airport in time for your flight, get nanna’s prescription to her on a Sunday afternoon. Whatever you need an on demand courier for, we have one available operating in your local area and ready to make a 3 hour delivery for you.

Other courier companies generally charge their courier services based on standard metro shipping rates. And they generally don’t work weekends. This means that you are paying for a standard same day service within local metropolitan areas regardless of the distance that their on demand courier actually had to travel. This is great for the other courier companies, obviously. When you are courier booking for express delivery in a capital city to go just three streets away in, say, Sydney city, you will be paying the standard price as a courier who has to move a suburb away. And, when enough of those deliveries are booked, the other courier companies make a bucket load for overcharging for their express shipping.


Same Day Express works differently. Unlike TNT or StarTrack, we don’t have a fleet of decaled trucks thundering around Melbourne or Brisbane, Adelaide or Canberra. Our couriers are independent entities working around Australia in metro areas close to you like CBDs and the surrounding suburbs. When you make an on demand courier booking with us, we allocate the closest operating courier to your pickup destination and send you their details. Thanks to Zoom2U’s awesome real time tracking technology, you know where your driver is the moment you confirm your online booking with us.


Making a booking for a delivery service is nice and simple too. Simply create an online account with us which includes all of your current contact details and allocate a credit card to be billed for your on demand courier. If you have ever created an account for Deliveroo or Uber, then it’s basically the same process, requiring roughly the same information.


Your delivery options are pretty broad, too. Because we are a network of couriers stretching across the country, we offer our customers a competitive price based on distance travelled and not standard rates. You will receive a quote at the time of booking, just like you are likely to see when you book an Uber. And, you can send pretty much send anything you need to have express delivered.


For parcel delivery driver will collect anything up to 30kg that is not considered illegal or illicit, and which is not dangerous to transport. This means that you can send anything from business contract documents and identification to live pets, textbooks, clothing and your own lunch, if you want to. When you have confirmed your booking and your driver has been allocated, you have access to their real time location immediately. You can track their progress to your collection address and ensure that everything is in order for pickup.


If it’s not in order and something has gone wrong, then don’t freak out. Your driver will wait at the collection point for up to 10 minutes for you to get everything you need sorted. If they can’t find you, or whoever they are supposed to be picking your parcel up from, then they will use the contact details you gave us when you set up your account to try and reach you for instructions. This is usually be phone and SMS.


It’s the same with the delivery end of the process, too. You will see your package as it wends its way through suburban streets or inner city skyrises to its intended recipient. Sometimes delivery addresses can be confusing, especially when all the buildings look the same. Or if you aren’t sending something directly to a recognisable address. This is also fine. Your on demand courier will wait for up to 10 minutes at the destination address to before they abandon the drop off and return to their point of origin. If they weren’t able to hand your parcel over successfully, then they return it from where they got it and you are charged for both trips.


Customer service is very important to us and the success of our network depends on our customer providing accurate feedback about their courier experience, so please rate your driver at the end of the delivery. We want to ensure that we keep only the highest performing couriers working so we can deliver the best service for every delivery our customers book with us.


If you are looking for cheaper same day rates on deliveries in your metro area then Same Day Express is the easiest choice. Book a delivery right now and have your parcel delivered by this afternoon.

Australia Wide express delivery platform, perfect for business or personal use.