Same Day Express delivers your parcels fast, every time.

Step 1

Register online or via our iPhone and Android app. You can use Same Day Express for business or personal use. Once set up we'll get you to enter in your credit card details so you can get started with sending parcels.

Step 2

Using our website or app, you can request a new delivery. All you have to do is provide a pick up and delivery location and we will allocate a courier to your parcel.

Step 3

Once the courier is allocated you will be able to see how far away they are. Then once the goods are picked up, you will be able to see where your courier is and how long it will be until the courier arrives at your destination.

Step 4

You will receive a notification via email and through the app. You credit card will be automatically charged for the delivery - simple & easy!

Step 5

You will then be given the opportunity to rate your courier based on their performance.