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Canberra Express Courier

Your parcel will be delivered within a 60km radius of Canberra within 3hrs. Simple, Fast & Reliable. Oh and yes you can book today and your parcel will be delivered today! :)

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Canberra’s Express Courier

The courier industry has typically been terrible. Think about every courier experience you have had. You never know who is delivering your goods, or when they will be delivered. Same Day Express changes this.

When you place your booking with Same Day Express it uses the technology from Zoom2u. The booking will automatically be dispatched to the closest courier. Once your booking is linked to a courier (usually less than 5mins) you will receive a notification. You’ll receive details on who the courier is, their contact number (allowing you to call or SMS) and the ability to track their location. You will no longer need to wonder where your courier is and how long until they arrive.

Using Same Day Express will change your experience of working with a courier. We want you to have an experience that leaves you wondering why all courier companies don’t operate like this. You can book online or call us on 1300 326 150

Fast Courier Service

We often get calls which go like this 'Can we book today and get it delivered today?' YES :)


Are you used to courier companies who don't care about your goods? We care! We care so much that we self insure your goods up to the value of $300. We know we care, so we put our $$ on the line!

Canberra Courier

Deliver your parcel all around Canberra. We cover areas as far as Grace, Curtin, Mawson, Banks, Scullin, Macquarie, Florey, Jindabyne, Page and many more

Canberra Courier

Same Day Express is the Canberra courier service which puts you in charge of your same day deliveries with live parcel tracking and flat rates for travelled distance charged only. We connect you to the closest driver to your pickup address so your delivery is given top priority. Book a 3 hr courier and send your items to anywhere in Canberra including the CBD suburbs, south Canberra including Fyshwick, and even out to Queanbeyan. Our couriers Canberra also cover northside to suburbs including Belconnen, Greenway and Gungahlin.

You choose your pick up and drop off locations and pay only for the distance that the courier is covering. This means that you don’t pay standard freight rates. You pay for only the distance that you need covered, and your package doesn’t drop down the delivery cue or get lost in depots.

Yes! All of our Canberra couriers operate 7 days a week.


If you have already used a service like Uber or Deliveroo then you are already familiar with how our couriers Canberra platform works. Using our online booking system, you log on to our website and create your Same Day Express account. This account will need to include your contact details if anything goes wrong with your delivery service, and it will need to include a credit card. We charge your same day deliveries in the same way that Uber or other similar platforms do. You will receive a quote based on the distance that your package will need to travel when you initially book and then a total amount will be billed to your credit card once your parcel delivery has been successfully made.


Using Zoom2U’s on demand courier tracking technology, we source express couriers operating close to your collection address. Your Canberra courier will be in or around your area already and you will be able to see how far away the driver is and how close you are to having your delivery picked up. Unlike other courier companies, you remain in control of where your parcel is at all times. 

Our courier services are able to offer you a competitive price on express deliveries because we don’t charge standard shipping rates. Our domestic on demand couriers charge based on the distance that your package needs to travel from collection point to drop off point. So, if you are sending something down the road then you will be charged for that distance, not standard metro rates. You can also make a fast courier booking within all major cities in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Your driver is able to collect anything weighing up to 30 kg and anything that is neither considered dangerous goods or unlawful. You are able to send time sensitive items like important documents, business contracts, medicine, textbooks… the list is endless. If you need it delivered in 3 hours and it’s in Canberra or surrounding areas, then we will pick it up and drop it off for you. You can track its every step including how far away your driver is from the collection point. You will also be able to contact them directly if you need to.

When you make your booking, you are instantly connected to surrounding couriers in your area. Like Uber, they will be allocated a job and you’ll receive their contact details. Up until your package is picked up, you can cancel your booking without being charged. If you have confirmed your booking and the driver is unable to find you at the collection point then they will wait there for up to 10 minutes and try to contact you. They will both call and SMS you. If they are not able to make contact with you, the booking will be cancelled by the driver and you will be charged the quoted delivery price.


It works the same way if they have been able to make the collection successfully but can’t find the intended recipient for your package. They will wait at the delivery address for up to 10 minutes and attempt to contact you via phone and SMS. If they aren’t able to get into touch with you then they will head back to the collection address and give their package back. You will then be charged for both the first and second trips.


We have generally found, however, that Zoom2U’s real time tracking capability means that everyone knows where everyone is throughout the term of the delivery. This is the real difference that we offer our customers. No more fighting with depots about lost packages or waiting on hold for customer service to find out when a package was delivered. We put you in touch directly with our couriers so you know where your delivery is, always. 


Your feedback is also super important too. Rating our couriers lets us know who we should be allocating to our Canberra jobs, so we keep only the best couriers for our customers. Same Day Express couriers offer you peace of mind, competitive shipping rates and live tracking of your parcel.

Australia Wide express delivery platform, perfect for business or personal use.