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Sydney’s Express Courier

Have your parcel delivered within a 60km radius of Sydney within 3hrs. Simple, Fast & Reliable. Oh and yes, it will be delivered today! :)

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Sydney’s Express Courier

The courier industry has typically been terrible. Think about every courier experience you have had. You never know who is delivering your goods, or when they will be delivered. Same Day Express changes this.

When you place your booking with Same Day Express it uses the technology from Zoom2u. The booking will automatically be dispatched to the closest courier. Once your booking is linked to a courier (usually less than 5mins) you will receive a notification. You’ll receive details on who the courier is, their contact number (allowing you to call or SMS) and the ability to track their location. You will no longer need to wonder where your courier is and how long until they arrive.

Using Same Day Express will change your experience of working with a courier. We want you to have an experience that leaves you wondering why all courier companies don’t operate like this. You can book online or call us on 1300 326 150

Fast Courier Service

We often get calls which go like this 'Can we book today and get it delivered today?' YES, through us you can make that happen :)


Are you used to courier companies who don't care about your goods? We care! We care so much that we self insure your goods up to the value of $300. We know we care, so we put our $$ on the line!

Sydney Courier

Deliver your parcel all around Sydney. We cover areas as far as Campbelltown, Parramatta, Hornsby, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and many more

Sydney Courier

Same Day Express is the next generation of Sydney courier booking. You can now get connected to a live Sydney courier instantly through our app and website, and have your parcel delivered the same day to anywhere in the Sydney CBD metropolitan area as well as some surrounding areas including North Sydney, Parramatta and even as far as Hornsby.


Our shipping and freight deliveries cover domestic items of up to 30 kg delivered the same day in CBD Sydney locations and fast deliveries to the greater Sydney region. You don’t have to be a business to get rate rates on your same day deliveries. Your quote is given based on a flat rate covering the distance from pick-up address to drop off address.


Same Day Express Sydney courier services has changed the delivery service playing field for the better. If you are looking for on demand couriers Sydney, now you have the option of being live connected to the closest courier in your area and getting a competitive price on a same day delivery service which covers all of Sydney City as well as surrounding areas like Bondi, the Inner West suburbs, the North Shore and Eastern Suburbs, and even the Western Suburbs of Sydney. 

Unlike other courier companies, you are connected to your courier every step of the way in much the same way that you already track your food delivers or your Uber rides. If there are any delays affecting your parcel delivery then you are notified immediately via email. Delays might include heavy traffic congestion affecting a local driver from reaching your pick-up or drop off location within the estimated time. Either way, you stay informed every step of the way. If you need to, you can even contact your courier directly.

Same Day Express courier services operate 7 days a week in metro and surrounding areas across Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide. That means that our express couriers deliver Saturday and Sunday. Our online booking system puts you in touch with local express couriers and 3hr delivery drivers in and around your area any day of the week.

If you have ever ordered a food delivery via a phone app then you are already familiar with our booking platform. We use the same technology to connect you to a field of working couriers in the Sydney area and then allocate the closest driver to your pick-up location. We will pick up any parcels under 30kg which do not contain dangerous or unlawful goods and deliver them the same day. Send urgent documents, presents, props, treasure maps, whatever you need to get delivered the same day in Sydney.


To get a quote and book a courier, simply log on to our website or app and create an account. This account will include all of your contact information so your courier can call you if there is an issue, and we can email you regular notifications if there are any unscheduled or unexpected delays affecting either the pick-up or the drop off of your parcel. Your account will also need to be linked to a credit card in the same way that Uber and other similar accounts operate. When you book your courier, you are given a quote based on the kilometres between the pick-up location and your intended delivery address. This is a flat rate applying to all deliveries covering that distance. Once your parcel has been successfully delivered to the intended recipient, we collect a signature confirming delivery and then charge your credit card. You’ll be emailed a receipt just like you would if you had ordered an Uber or a food delivery.

You are connected to your courier once they have been allocated to your job. This means that you can live track their progress on the way to your pick-up location and your delivery address. If there is, for any reason, a need to contact your courier, you can call them directly just as you are used to with Uber and similar booking apps. We generally find, however, that our live tracker gives our customer peace of mind. 


Should you need to cancel your Sydney booking, then you can do so at any time. If you cancel a booking before your parcel is due to be picked up, then there is no charge. If your courier has already arrived at the pick-up destination and there is no one there, then you will be charged the full delivery fee. Of course, we are going to try and get in touch with you to find out why there is no one at the specified pick-up location first. We will try to call and SMS you, and the driver will wait at the location for up to 10 minutes.


If there is no one at your drop off address, then the courier will also wait for up to 10 minutes for someone to arrive who can successfully sign for your delivery. If there is no one to collect your delivery, then your courier will return to the original pick-up address and your account will be charged for the return trip too.


You remain in charge and control of your Sydney delivery throughout the entire process. There is no depot for your package to get lost in, you stay in contact with your courier and your parcel is delivered the same day.

Australia Wide express delivery platform, perfect for business or personal use.