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Can I Send My Passport by Courier? A Comprehensive Guide

Can I Send My Passport by Courier? A Comprehensive Guide

Your passport is important and sensitive documentation. So, it may sound a little dicey to entrust a courier service with the task of transporting your passport for you. However, a dependable shipment service is paramount in time-sensitive situations where you need to deliver your passport interstate or across the globe.

So, let’s cut to the chase. If you’re wondering, can I send my passport by courier? The short answer is yes; granted you choose a reliable courier service.

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive breakdown of what to consider when sending your passport nationally or internationally.

Sending Passport by Courier: Packaging Your Passport for Safe Delivery

When answering the question, “can I send my passport by courier safely?”, it’s essential to consider the steps to take to protect your documents.Finding a reputable, trustworthy courier service is your first step to securing safe postage for your passport. However, paper documents can be fragile and flimsy, so ensure you package your passport correctly to reduce the risk of damage for further peace of mind.

For all documentation that contains personal information, including (but not limited to) passports, you want to ensure that the data remains confidential and cannot be read by anyone who handles your parcel.

Here are our top packaging tips for protecting your passport during transit:

Package your passport with a thick, durable envelope to ensure that the content of the passport cannot be read through the packaging.

Use a hard-backed envelope to prevent the document from bending during transportation.

Use a generous amount of bubble wrap and internal packaging if sending in a box.

Ensure your packaging is safe from water damage with a waterproof wallet for your shipping label.

Our passport is one of the most sensitive and significant forms of identification we have, and losing it can result in a major headache, not to mention a heavy expense. We strongly advise that you send your passport and any personal documents using a traceable delivery method, so you know when your passport is on its way.

Misplacing a passport can make you vulnerable to identity theft and fraud, that is, identity to steal finances or gain other benefits, like a passport. Scams often lead to the theft, misuse, and mistreatment of a person’s identity.

Same Day Express Couriers offers peace of mind when sending your passport with our reliable courier service. We connect businesses and people with reputable and honest couriers. Package your passport securely in line with our guidelines, and we’ll take care of the rest, providing you with live tracking details and SMS updates. Book online or give us a call on 1300 326 150 for safe passport delivery services you can trust.

Can I Send My Passport by Courier Internationally?

Different countries have different regulations concerning their mail system, so ensure you check regulations before sending a passport or other valuable item overseas. Certain countries do not accept valuable items and personal documentation into their mailing system, no exceptions. In contrast, others require that you insure your passport and other valuable items.

What Constitutes a Valuable Item?

The vast majority of postal organisations and courier services consider the following articles as valuable items:

  • Passports
  • Legal documents
  • Birth certificates and other identity documents
  • Money- traveller’s cheques, coins and banknotes of any currency, unused postage stamps, bonds, coupons, vouchers, and other documentation that can be exchanged for money, goods or services.
  • Jewellery- precious metal (platinum, gold, silver, diamond and other precious stones)
  • Platinum, gold or silver, manufactured or otherwise
  • Other articles of high intrinsic value

For all valuable items, including passports, you must clearly state the nature of the item in your item description. On occasion, you’ll also be required to provide information surrounding the purpose of the export. Reasons might include applying for a visa, registering for marriage, entering college, or returning a passport left behind.

Can Courier Companies Pick Up or Deliver a Passport to an Embassy?

Certain courier restrictions are related to sending a passport directly to an embassy. Some companies explicitly state that they do not deliver to embassies. In contrast, others offer the service but only to local embassies with which they have an agreement, enabling them to access the embassies premises.

You will need to schedule an appointment to visit the embassy to drop off your application materials and fill out a one-way courier delivery slip available at the embassy. Once the requested passport is issued, we will use the delivery slip to return the documents to you.

Why You Should Never Attempt to Mail a Passport

The lure of sending a passport by mail is understandable. While it initially appears like the cheaper option, you should never post important identification documents by mail for several reasons.

The primary differences between mail postal and courier services are:


Regular postal services offer affordable delivery options. However, you typically get what you pay for. Postal companies cannot ensure consistent tracking or the safe and fast delivery of your goods. For non-valuable items, mailing your package is a great option, but never for identification documentation. On the other hand, Couriers charge higher prices for reliable and fast services.

Service Quality

Many mailing services do not offer comprehensive tracking updates.

When sending important documentation such as a passport or other forms of identification, always select to ship with a reputable courier service, such as Same Day Express Couriers.

Secondly, postage services have a much higher loss and damage to packages.

Courier firms specialise in facilitating the shipping and delivery of essential documents within specific destinations. Courier services also typically offer more reliable and time-sensitive shipments, ideal for retrieving passports efficiently.

Send Your Passport Safely with Same Day Express Couriers 

Now that we’ve covered the answer to the question, “can I send my passport by courier?’” it’s time to land on an exemplary courier service for you. 

At Same Day Express, we understand how stressful it is to leave somewhere, only to realise you’ve accidentally left your passport behind. However, we firmly believe getting your passport where it needs to be does not have to be a stress-ridden ordeal.

With convenient booking options, have your items delivered all in one place, with our services that connect people and businesses to couriers. With our passport couriers, we can retrieve a forgotten passport from home or the safe of your last hotel. The Same Day Express team can connect you to couriers that can transport your passport and other identity documentation safely and seamlessly.

Same Day Express is the name you can trust to deliver your most precious goods and personal documentation. We provide our clients with peace of mind through tracking codes with every booking, allowing you to track your passport from the moment of pick up to the moment it is delivered. We operate across Australia, from Sydney to Perth, Melbourne to the Gold Coast and everywhere in between. Let us transport your passport safely from A to B.

To learn more about Same Day Express Courier’s services, contact us through our website or give us a call on 1300 326 150.

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