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Cheap Courier Melbourne vs. Affordable Delivery

Have you been searching for a Melbourne courier to deliver a parcel to a friend or customer? You’ve probably been comparing costs online and have seen the discrepancy between Melbourne courier services. 

So, which offer do you go for? The cheaper, but longer delivery courier service, or the more costly but quicker courier service? Well, at the end of the day, it’s like anything – you get what you pay for. At its core, it comes down to the age-old problem of price vs. quantity; courier services in Melbourne aren’t an exception to this idea.

At Same Day Express, we can deliver your parcel at speed throughout Melbourne. Whether you’re an e-commerce store, florist, real estate agency or manufacturer, we’ll deliver your packages with ease and convenience. As Australia’s most reliable Melbourne courier service, we know a thing or two about the difference between affordable Melbourne couriers and a cheap courier Melbourne delivery. Continue reading to learn the main differences! 

Things to Consider Before Enlisting a Courier

There’s never been a time in existence when online shopping and delivery were as prominent as they are now. With Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdowns throwing a spanner in the works, heavily reducing face-to-face contact and in-person visits to stores, modern consumers turned to online channels in droves to fulfil their shopping needs.

As such, the vast majority of society has not only become used to doing their shopping online, but they’ve also become used to reliable and relatively quick delivery at an affordable cost. Having access to an affordable yet reliable courier is almost a necessity for any business – short delivery times are key to consumer satisfaction and return business. A wide-ranging study conducted by Capgemini showed that 74% of customers satisfied with their delivery experience from a retailer intended to increase their purchase levels by 12% with that retailer. In comparison, 48% of dissatisfied customers cited they wouldn’t order again from that retailer.

 As a business owner, if you hire a cheap courier Melbourne for the shipment of goods, you’re making yourself more susceptible to external factors that could harm the reputation of your business’s efficiency. When you hire a cheap courier, you’re increasing the risk of damage, delays, and sub-par customer service.

As an individual shipping a package to a friend, you run the same risks. A courier service that can offer extremely low prices is likely cutting costs elsewhere, most likely in core processes such as distribution, labour, and communication. These are crucial processes that, if second-rate, will have a massive impact on delivery times and your ability to stay updated with the shipment process. In saying this, if you’re just shipping to a friend, and there’s no pressing deadline, this may be one of the very few instances where hiring a cheap courier is preferable.

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Couriers

If you’ve hired a cheap courier Melbourne service, these are some of the things you’re highly likely to experience:

1.      Unreliable GPS Tracking

Cheap courier services typically have inaccurate tracking systems, or in some cases, no tracking systems at all. For example, you could be told your package has been sent to Melbourne, when in actual fact it’s just sitting in a warehouse somewhere in another state and will be for the next couple of months. 

GPS tracking offers comfort to those who have sent a package or are expecting a package – you’re able to see where it is and when it’s estimated to arrive. This concept is even more relevant for business owners using courier services; if your tracking system is inaccurate or faulty, your customer may even think they’ve been scammed by your business – an accusation that is never going to be good for your company.

2.      Poor Customer Service

Like any service industry, rude, unfriendly, or unresponsive customer service is something no consumer wishes to experience.

When enlisting the services of a cheap courier Melbourne, it is not uncommon to be unable to receive fast or helpful responses from customer support teams with information that makes you aware of the status of your package. If remaining up to date with the status of your parcel is important to you, it’s probably worth hiring the services of a courier with the reputation of strong customer service. 

3.      Slow Delivery Times 

Whether you’re a business owner or an online shopper, delivery time is always the most important factor when it comes to courier services and sending packages or parcels across Melbourne. This notion is even more relevant if your products are time-sensitive or perishable.

Reliable, affordable courier services will have accurate estimated times of delivery that are considerate of any and all external or internal factors that may affect the time taken to deliver. In comparison, a cheap courier is more likely to have less efficient systems, meaning the entire process from initial order to eventual delivery is more time-consuming. Moreover, a cheap courier is more likely to not factor in any potential elements that may extend the time of delivery, such as distance, time, weather and more.

4.      Missing Packages

As touched on above, if a courier service is quite cheap in comparison to the average courier price, it’s highly likely they’ve reduced cost margins in the very processes that ensure quick and reliable distribution – processes that result in fast delivery times. 

Lower spending on distribution efforts typically means internal systems are not as smooth as they could be, their sorting, labelling, and delivery methods aren’t very efficient, or the labour force isn’t as qualified or substantial enough to support the large quantities of product ready for delivery.

When less care is taken at this crucial stage of the courier cycle, the potential for your package to go missing will increase.

Why You Should Use Same Day Express Couriers

When you enlist the services of a reliable, affordable courier service in Melbourne such as Same Day Express Couriers as a business owner, you’re investing in the reputation of your company. As a private individual or online shopper using Same Day Express Couriers, you’re investing in peace of mind and effectiveness.

At Same Day Express, we offer complete transparency every step of the way through real-time tracking and responsive customer service for all Melbourne deliveries. You’ll be able to log into your account and see the real-time location of the very courier you’ve hired.

What’s more, is, we offer same-day interstate delivery that’s simple and easy to navigate. You’re also able to select ‘after-hours delivery’ or ‘weekend deliveries’ for all parcels delivered through us. Where cheap couriers prioritise quantity over quality, an affordable and efficient courier service such as Same Day Express prioritises the customer experience first and foremost. If you’re running a small, medium, or large-sized business, Same Day Express is a courier service you can rely on – we even develop customised quotes for companies that send parcels frequently or on a recurring basis.

We’ve got the right solutions for every situation. Delivering packages and parcels has never been easier or more personalised than with Same Day Express Couriers. If you have any queries or concerns, our office operates from 8 am to 10 pm (AEST) Monday to Friday, and 9 am to 6 pm (AEST) on weekends. We’re here to make your life easier – request a free quote today!

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