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How Do I Send Something by Courier?

In 2022, shipping your parcels or documents via a courier has never been easier. If you’ve ever needed something delivered reliably and efficiently, and you wondered to yourself, “how do I send something by courier?”, then read on. This guide will provide you with all the ins and outs of how to use a courier and the best services available in Australia.

Before we jump into understanding, using, booking, and a courier, let’s first break down the main benefits of choosing a courier service over the regular post:

Benefits Of Using A Courier Over The Regular Post

Regular postal mail is sent via the standard public postal service (think Australia Post). Courier delivery services like Same Day Express are managed by private companies. Couriers can transport all the same things that the regular postal service can; such as parcels, documents, letters, as well as items that are typically turned away by general post like oversized parcels, bulky items, and even pallets!

There are many benefits to using a courier service over a standard postal service. One of the most significant differences lies in the efficiency of courier services. Traditional postal services are much slower, their flat rates are beneficial from a cost point of view, but there are often massive delays. On occasion, postal services will not deliver the parcel to your door but instead to a nearby facility for you to go and collect it.

Another major difference between postal services and couriers is price. Courier service prices are much more flexible and vary from company to company. Often, courier costs are based on the size and weight of the parcel or document you are sending and the final destination.

Finally, couriers are much faster than the regular post. You’ll find that courier companies, like Same Day Express, can offer a same-day delivery option that combines reliability with efficiency, and affordability. You won’t have to spend any time queuing at a local post office; we will come to you to collect your parcel and make sure it is delivered to its recipient. 

How To Send Something By Courier With Same Day Express

Sending an item with a courier is easy! Here’s how you can book in your delivery today:

1.      After you have registered online with the Zoom2u booking system, you will be able to receive an instant quote depending on the size and weight of the delivery, and you can begin to place the booking for a courier. 

2.      We take hassle-free credit card payments that will only take seconds and can be saved to your account for future deliveries.

3.      Following this, our intuitive system will swiftly allocate your booking to the closest courier on our network. You will receive a confirmation to your email and the contact details of your Same Day Express courier.

4.      Once your delivery is on the road, you and the recipient will receive live updates in real-time about the location of your courier and the ETA of the delivery.

5.      If your ETA is updated at any point, or there are any issues with finding the recipient, you will receive a prompt notification through the app, via text, or via your email.

6.      Your parcel will be safely delivered to the recipient within three hours if they are within a sixty-kilometre radius of Sydney.

The Zoom2u platform provides live-tracking and data on your parcel at all times. We utilise the a map and interface to link your location to an extensive array of couriers in Sydney and send the nearest driver to you. If your parcel is under 30kgs and doesn’t contain anything dangerous, unlawful, or just not yours to send, then we will load it up and get it delivered the same day in Sydney. Knowing how to use a courier has never been easier with Same Day Express!

What Courier Should I Use?

Consider the services you require in your goal of determining the best courier service online that suits you. Knowing how to send something by courier means being on top of the services that best apply to your needs. Do you need same-day service? Same Day Express offers quick and reliable same-day shipping within metropolitan areas. For businesses, offering same-day shipping is a huge bonus, as many customers consistently appreciate receiving items the same day they were ordered.

Other Considerations When Booking A Courier

While enquiring “how do I send something by courier?”, you should always take these factors into consideration. 

1.      Cost

Regardless of which shipping method you choose, you’re going to need to compare and consider costs. Of course, larger packages tend to be more expensive to ship than smaller ones. Small letters may only cost a few dollars when sent via post with a stamp, and there is only a general time frame after this has been dropped off in the local post box. Whilst courier mail can be more expensive, it might be worth it depending on your own circumstances to get a more accurate and faster delivery.

2.      Delivery Time

Whilst the postal services are cheaper; generally, you get what you pay for with delivery times. Courier services can help to improve shipping to benefit you and the recipient. Faster shipping is often essential for the modern consumer when deciding on which products to buy, and where the products are purchased from. 

3.      Convenience

When searching for how to send something by courier, convenience is vital in choosing a service. If you want to ship something via post, you must go to the post office. Couriers like Same Day Express will come to you to collect your parcel from your home or office. Easy! 

How To Use A Courier When Something Goes Wrong? 

Okay, so you’ve asked, “how do I send something by courier?”, but something’s gone wrong. What do you do now? When shipping parcels and making deliveries, there are a number of things that can go wrong. Think missing deliveries, poor tracking, and unresponsive delivery drivers.

With every single Same Day Express courier delivery, you will be connected to your courier along with the entire duration of their journey. Along with live-tracking their progress, you will be able to contact your courier if any serious issues arise. 

If you need to cancel your Same Day Express service, you can at any time. Cancelling your booking before your parcel or documents are due to be collected will incur no charge. However, if your courier has already arrived at the pick-up destination or is mid-journey, you will be charged the full delivery fee. Because the driver can contact you, they will invariably try to contact you to find out where the recipient is before simply turning back. You will receive a phone call or SMS, and the driver will wait at the location for up to 10 minutes. 

Why Choose Same Day Express Couriers?

Using Same Day Express for your next delivery will change your experience of working with a courier. Offering couriers on demand, our customers have never been better connected to making deliveries to friends, family, or customers. Our smooth operating system makes ordering a courier a breeze, so knowing how to send something by courier has never been clearer. Unlike some other courier companies, who operate behind a wall of technical information and poor customer service, you are kept in the loop with Same Day Express every step of the way. Just like when ordering food online or catching an Uber, you can track your deliveries on a live map. Should your driver experience any delays, such as traffic, that will affect your parcel delivery, both you and your recipient will be notified immediately. If you need to, you can contact your courier directly. Get a quote or book online through Same Day Express today.

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