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Courier Charges Perth: How Much Will You Pay?

Knowing how much a courier charges to and from Perth doesn’t have to be a frustrating search. There are many factors that influence how much couriers charge for deliveries, such as weight, size, urgency, distance and loading and unloading. Finding a reliable and trustworthy courier service like Same Day Express will give you and your customer the best experience possible with no hidden fees, real-time tracking and improved ETA’s. 

Below here will give you an insight into how much courier charges Perth.

Factors Influencing Courier Cost

There are several factors that determine courier charges Perth. The size of an item is one of the most important variables that influence how much couriers charge. If an item is exceedingly large, it could take up more space then their vehicle permits. This could lead them to having to move other goods to make room for your delivery. However, if it’s too large then your courier might have to take another trip. This could disrupt their schedule for the following day in their attempt to meet your demands. 

If your delivery is exceptionally heavy then you can expect to pay more for courier services. The more an item weighs, the more fuel will be consumed throughout the journey. Fuel consumption is one of the top two costs for most couriers, so heavier items require a higher fee to offset the extra fuel they require. 

It’s common knowledge that the further something has to travel, the more expensive it’ll be. Given Perth isn’t quite as big of a city compared to Sydney or Melbourne, you can expect it to be more expensive. The more a courier has to travel, the more fuel they’ll use for their journey, meaning the more fuel they’ll have to buy. If your delivery has to travel a long distance, like Perth, the more expensive it will be to offset fuel costs. Perth is also a very isolated place, which means there aren’t as many courier companies to get quotes from. 

Consumer behaviour today when it comes to delivery all revolves around how fast and efficient it can be made. Having a time-sensitive package that needs to be delivered urgently will impact the overall pricing of hiring a courier service. Quicker delivery demands means more drivers are on the road attempting to prioritise bookings to meet deadlines. If you’re needing your delivery to be prioritised, then this can disrupt your driver’s schedule. An urgent delivery is always more expensive because of what goes into making sure it meets the allocated deadline. 

If an item is fragile, then couriers loading and unloading will have to take additional care to prevent any damage. This can take longer and potentially create delays before making it to customers. Conversely, a heavy item will often need methods to load and unload safely. These can include using forklifts, hand trolleys and cranes. All this additional work and equipment will lead to a higher courier cost. 

Courier Charges In Perth: What You Can Expect To Pay

Courier charges in Perth are entirely dependent on the number of factors that influence how much they decide to set their overall price. If an item is exceedingly heavy then you can expect costs to increase as drivers will have to compensate for their fuel usage throughout the journey. Couriers also charge based on the location and distance between drop off and pick-up. Perth is a much longer journey in comparison to shipping from Melbourne to Sydney which makes it the more expensive option. It also depends on the kind of package being delivered and the type of vehicle that is being used by a courier. Because not a lot of drivers travel to Perth, the type of vehicle being used is limited and might not accommodate your delivery needs. 

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Choosing The Right Perth Couriers

Having gone through courier charges Perth, below information will focus on choosing the right Perth couriers.

Choosing a quality Perth courier company is essential. Whilst hiring a cheap courier might seem like the most cost-effective option, there’s obviously a reason as to why they are a lot cheaper than other companies. Something as important as delivery should be invested in rather than trying to find financial short-cuts. 

Slow deliveries are highly common among cheap couriers. Because their services are highly used, especially during peak seasons, you can expect long delays as they attempt to deliver as many items as possible. Making your customers wait could possibly ruin their overall experience, ultimately risking your business’ reputation if they were to publish a complaint on the internet.

Mistakes are going to happen, however by hiring cheap couriers you’re increasing the possibility. It’s easier for parcels to go missing or arrive at the wrong location because they are often overwhelmed with loads of deliveries. If their vehicle is overrun with deliveries, this could lead to parcels being damaged. If you lose or damage a customer’s package you lose a great deal of their trust and so they might not use your services in the future. 

Another important reason to avoid cheap couriers is they don’t offer real-time tracking.Real-time tracking is a system that allows you to track your fleet throughout their journey in real time. Not having this type of visibility means you won’t be giving customers accurate or reliable ETA’s. It also means you won’t be able to track their journey so you can’t be sure whether or not your driver is where they need to be. 

How To Get An Honest Courier Quote Perth

Getting a courier quote in Perth requires you to do a bit of research. That way you can suss out many companies and see who is more reliable. Same Day Express is a quality service your business needs. By clicking here you’ll have access to the main page. On the top bar you’ll notice a green button that says ‘Get a quote’. Then you will be transferred to the Zoom2u quote page where it will have a list of boxes that need to be filled out, from the type of package you’re wanting to ship, to where it’s being picked up and dropped off. It will consider all the factors previously mentioned above such as size and weight so you’ll get the most accurate quote. 

The Same Day Express Courier Process

Selecting the most cost-effective courier service such as Same Day Express, over cheap couriers is the best move your business can make when looking for courier charges Perth. Same Day Express values customer satisfaction and does everything in their power to make sure your delivery requirements are taken care of. With responsive customer service, you can access all the help you need should you encounter any issues. This service is unlike any other, offering reliable delivery times and real-time tracking so you can see your delivery from its departure all the way up to its arrival. 

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Same Day Express is the perfect courier platform for your business. Whether you’re wanting to ship locally or across the country, Same Day Express connects you with the most reliable and quality drivers to carry out your delivery. With same day and 3-hour delivery options, no hidden fees and real-time tracking, it’s a service you can trust!

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