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How Much Will A Courier Costs For Refrigerator?

Finding the right price for anything is a difficult process and finding the best courier price for refrigerators is no exception. Couriers take away the stress of finding ways to transport heavy goods such as refrigerators by yourself. 

Whether you are moving house or interstate, your fridge needs to come along for the ride. Or if you’ve just purchased a fridge and need it to be delivered to your location, hiring a courier will get the job done. 

If you’re wanting quality service then Same Day Express is best suited for you. Same Day Express is a reliable and excellent service that connects you to couriers who will ensure all your goods are transported with the most care and attention. They can transport goods of all kinds across all parts of Australia. With their responsive customer service and efficient delivery, your items are in the most trusted hands. 

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Refrigerator?

The cost for having a courier move your refrigerator is quite expensive given it is classified as a large item. Large items are expensive because couriers have to fit them in their vehicle, whilst making room for other deliveries. This could be a time-consuming task and ultimately frustrating for your courier if they have to make an additional trip because their vehicle was overfilled. There is also a need for padding, blankets and pallets in order to protect the refrigerator from damage. 

When shipping a large appliance from one location to another in the same state, it’s a bit cheaper than if you were to ship it interstate. Because your courier will remain in the same state, the amount of time spent on the road will usually be significantly less and they won’t require as much fuel. It’s almost always cheaper to ship within your state. However if you are looking to move your refrigerator, say from Brisbane to Melbourne then you can expect the costs to increase as this is a roughly 19 hour trip.

With all this in mind, it’s always best to get into contact with the professionals to find the best courier cost for refrigerators. Click here for an accurate quote for your delivery needs. 

Factors Influencing The Courier Cost Of Transporting A Refrigerator

If you’re asking yourself ‘how much does it cost to ship a refrigerator?’ Then below will help explain what influences courier prices and will give you better insight on what to expect. 

When trying to find how much a courier will cost for transporting refrigerators, it’s best to take into consideration the many factors that will influence the overall price. One of the most important factors is labour costs. Loading and unloading a particularly large item such as a fridge can be a tricky process and can often require additional help. It’s a more than two man job so the more workers required for the job the more it’ll cost to move your fridge.

Weight and size are important when factoring in costs for couriers. Because fridges are exceedingly heavy, the vehicle they’re being transported on will use a lot more fuel than if you were moving something smaller. Couriers need to determine how much they’ll need to compensate for while they’re on the road. Also, refrigerators are a large item so couriers will need to take into account other goods within their vehicle to make everything fit as best they can. 

Another influencer for the courier cost for refrigerators is the distance between drop off and pick-up. If your courier is having to travel from say Perth to Sydney, because of the large distance and Perth being an isolated city, courier costs will be higher than if you’re shipping from Sydney to Melbourne. This is because these destinations are closer together and more populated. That way, drivers won’t be spending as much time on the road and needing as much fuel. You can also shop around more to find a price that accommodates your delivery needs because of the greater competition in bigger cities.

What Type Of Courier Method Is Best For Moving A Refrigerator?

Now that you’ve gone through the courier cost for refrigerators, the next step is knowing what type of courier method is best for you. The type of courier method, whether it’s by road or air, is entirely dependent on where and when you’re moving your refrigerator.

Moving your fridge by air is a great way to save time, as it’s the quickest, most efficient way to deliver goods from different locations, especially different states. However, given aircraft is expensive in itself, having it transport an item will be a lot more expensive then if a courier was to drive to its destination. It’s also not as flexible when it comes to delivery times. The times set might not match up to when you need your fridge to be moved and can be quite inconvenient. Airplanes also only deliver to airports, so you still need to move it to its new location. 

Having a courier makes it a lot easier and flexible to deliver your refrigerator. It’s the most common method of transportation and there are a lot of courier companies to choose from. Unlike air transportation, couriers offer a range of delivery times and options that will accommodate what you need for moving your refrigerator.

Whilst transporting goods by air is a good option, choosing a reliable courier service will offer more benefits that will give you an overall better experience.

How To Prepare Your Refrigerator For Safe Courier Service?

Preparing your refrigerator for courier service is just as important as finding out costs and determining the best method for transportation. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is remove all the contents from your fridge and give it a thorough clean. Then you’ll want to remove all the shelves, trays and other loose parts in the fridge, so that way they won’t move around and potentially get damaged whilst they’re on the road.

Next you’ll want to unplug your fridge and if it has an ice-maker don’t forget to disconnect this from the water source. This will allow you to defrost the freezer for around 6 hours so that you can remove any build up of ice and give it a good clean when it’s ready. 

To avoid the doors slamming open and close during their move, fasten them with something strong like a rope. Make sure you don’t secure the fridge too tightly as it could ruin the door layout. 

Now the last thing to do is find a reliable courier and who better to achieve this than by using Same Day Express services. 

The Courier Specialists That Australians Trust

Same Day Express is the most reliable and trusted service that can connect you to couriers all around Australia. Their name says it all by offering same day deliveries for those wanting to have goods delivered as soon as possible, even offering 3-hour delivery and VIP. These are outstanding delivery options that are efficient and convenient for customers whose time might be limited. 

No more searching. Click here and get a quote for your refrigerator today! Same Day Express is all about making sure you get the best prices and experience.

If you’re looking to deliver packages to Melbourne, here’s a detailed insight into what influences Sydney to Melbourne Courier charges. Whilst getting random quotes can seem like the way to go, the following will let you know what determines the prices these couriers charge when travelling from Sydney to Melbourne. 

Sydney to Melbourne Courier Charges: What You Can Expect To Pay

Courier costs from Sydney to Melbourne will vary depending on the type of item being shipped and where it is arriving at. Some couriers will charge you based on the distance between the pick-up and destination of the delivery. In order to find out an exact price, you should contact Same Day Express with the type of items you’ll be delivering and then they can determine how much they’ll be charging. 

Factors Influencing Courier Charges From Sydney to Melbourne

There are many factors that influence Sydney to Melbourne courier charges. Drivers are forced to charge more if they need to rearrange their vehicle to fit in your item or use more fuel should the item be exceptionally heavy. Loading and unloading a particularly large item will increase labour costs as they’ll require extra hands to help out. 

The urgency of the delivery also impacts the costs of drivers as prioritising your order means their schedule will be disrupted. Another factor to take into account is where it needs to go. If the shipping distance stretches over the country rather than local, then you will see a rise in costs.  

Size Of Item

The size of an item can significantly impact Sydney to Melbourne Courier charges. The larger an item is, the more room it’ll take up in the driver’s vehicle. This will force them to move other orders around and will potentially have to make an extra trip, disrupting their schedule. Unloading and loading a potentially large item will require more help, increasing labour costs by involving more team members. 

Weight Of Delivery 

If the delivery is considerably larger than normal, then you can expect to pay more. Couriers need to estimate how much fuel will be consumed during transportation, whilst taking into consideration regular costs. If the item is too heavy for the driver, they’ll need to figure out methods to load and unload without hurting themselves. The extra effort will cause the Sydney to Melbourne courier charges to increase.  

Urgency (time taken to delivery)

If an item needs to be delivered at a certain time then Sydney to Melbourne courier charges will increase significantly. Prioritising your delivery over others will force drivers to rearrange their schedule. The standard for faster deliveries has made customers want their order as quickly as possible, and sometimes you’ll have to skip the line to meet their demands. However this always comes at a cost. 

Loading & Unloading Method

The bulkier an item is the more help is required, which increases Sydney to Melbourne courier charges in order to deliver the item safely and without struggle. More methods such as cranes, forklifts and hand trolleys and potentially more team members might be needed to help with the delivery, leading to an increase in costs. 

Shipping Distance 

The distance travelled between locations determines how much couriers will charge. If they are having to travel across the country then you can expect a rise in the price of shipping. However, if you’re shipping from Sydney to Melbourne, it’s an easier process given they are both heavily populated cities with a lot of demand in ecommerce sales. 

Courier Charges From Melbourne To Sydney

You can expect the industry standard of courier charges from Melbourne to Sydney to roughly start around $7. You can expect to pay $11 for a 3kg parcel, with prices changing depending on how my kilograms are being shipped. Whilst these are great to get an idea on the prices, it’s always best to reach out and get a direct quote in case there are any unexpected costs. 

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Couriers 

Hiring cheap couriers may seem like a good idea, however it could end up costing you more. Poor tracking, long delays and even missing parcels are to be expected and can increase Sydney to Melbourne courier charges. You and your customers might have no visibility of the order and even wait hours on end until it’s arrival. 

The typical arrival time window between 7am and 7pm is exceedingly frustrating for customers who want to know when it’s coming and get on with their day. This could potentially hurt your business, as customers are not being given the experience they deserve and will be less likely to use your services in the future. 

  1. Same Day Services

Same Day Express does exactly what its title suggests, unlike cheap couriers who’s standard shipping is anywhere between 3-5 days. Same Day Express connects you with couriers that offer same day delivery services which means your customers can order and receive locally on that exact day. This accommodates the fast paced nature of online shopping, whilst ensuring customers receive their order at the precise time they need. 

  1. Real-Time Delivery Tracking

Hiring cheap couriers won’t guarantee you real time tracking which is essential to keeping communication between you and your drivers. Real-time tracking allows you to see the whereabouts of the driver so you know they are on the correct route. This kind of visibility is great for assessing your fleet’s productivity throughout the day, making sure they are as efficient as possible. You can also keep track of your vehicle’s security, making theft significantly difficult to get away with, given you can find their current location. This makes the recovery process increasingly easier and quicker. 

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

You should always be striving to give your customers the best experience possible. Hiring cheap couriers will only cause more problems such as delays, a lack of visibility and communication between you and your driver. Using Same Day Express will meet customer demands of quick and efficient deliveries. A recent study has shown that 70.5% of customers are more likely to purchase goods if they can be delivered on the same day. Giving your customers the ability to purchase and receive their order on the same day will only increase their use of your services.   

  1. No Hidden Fees (Full Transparency) 

Cheap couriers can often be hiding additional costs because they have cut expenses to be ‘cheap’.  However, Same Day Express guarantees no hidden fees when using their services, offering full transparency of how much you’ll be paying and what their services can do for your business. 

Sydney To Melbourne Courier: The Process

Using Same Day Express will immediately connect you with a local courier in your area. You’ll receive a notification containing the details on who the courier is with the ability to track their location. This gives you the visibility you need to ensure your delivery is on the correct route, all the way up until its arrival. 

Book The Most Reliable, Convenient Courier Service In Australia 

Same Day Express offers the best Sydney to Melbourne courier charges by ensuring there are no hidden fees, unlike cheaper couriers. 

They give you the ability to connect with quality couriers to get the job done as efficiently as possible. You’ll have access to full visibility from your customers’ orders departure to its arrival, with live updates and and notifications. Same Day Express is great for businesses wanting to give their customers the best  possible experience.

Click here and get a quote from Same Day Express for all your delivery needs.

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